PDC Teacher Training * Spring 2025

Feb 28th - March 2nd * April 4 - 6th * May 2 - 4th • Fridays 4-8pm • Saturdays 10am-5pm • Sundays 10am-5pm

Locations will be on the Front Range, most likely Boulder and/or Fort Collins area. Overnight accommodations may be available for those out of town, depending on location and needs.

This course is designed for Permaculture Design Course graduates who want to be in a supportive community as they grow into teachers.

What Will You Gain from the Colorado Permaculture Teaching Course?

  • Awareness of adult learning processes
  • Assessment of personal assets
  • Tools to effectively teach your knowledge

 Expectations and Goals: Transformative Learning in the Rockies!

  • Skill-building aligned with your goals
  • Enhanced critical thinking abilities
  • Reflection on your intentions and goals as an educator
  • Understanding how goal setting drives learning outcomes

Immerse Yourself in Learning Interactions in Colorado!

  • Apply documentation through note-taking and journaling
  • Build a rich vocabulary of learning modalities
  • Recognize your learning style’s impact on your teaching
  • Observe how people learn through various teaching styles

Unleash Your Teaching Potential with Exciting Course Activities!

  • Present three teaching modules to build self-confidence
  • Receive supportive critiques for Adaptation and Advancement
  • Identify your unique teaching style
  • Push your edges in teaching creatively
  • Culminate with a final group project: An Introduction to Permaculture Workshop  

Secure Your Spot in this Colorado Permaculture Adventure!

Register now to ensure you don’t miss out on a transformative experience that combines the wisdom of Permaculture with strong community building. Elevate your teaching skills and be part of the movement for regenerative living!

Unlock the power to inspire change through whole systems teaching and learn to be a strong and grounded permaculture teacher.  Join our dynamic and interactive Permaculture Teaching training and dive deep with the vibrant community of permaculturists who are committed to becoming permaculture teachers.

In this immersive course, you’ll delve into the art of teaching Permaculture principles and design while building a cohort of teachers. Our goal is to empower you to harness your strengths and abilities through engaging teaching techniques, including lectures, storytelling, class discussions, interactive activities, visual aids, and hands-on skills.

As a participant, you’ll thrive in a safe and active learning environment, gaining confidence through hands-on practice, preparing and co-teaching multiple presentations. Together, we’ll cultivate a regenerative approach to sharing information—be part of the Permaculture solution!

Learn from seasoned instructors who have been teaching in Colorado and share in their local knowledge and experience.  Marco Chung-Shu Lam is the lead instructor for the course and will bring in some of the leading teachers in Colorado.

Marco has been practicing and teaching permaculture and sustainable living skills for over twenty five years in diverse climates from the Andes to the Hawaiian islands. Originally trained by the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, Marco’s teaching style moves away from the lecture format and emphasizes getting people’s hands in the soil. Marco is the founder of the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic and a renowned acupuncturist and herbalist who grows many of the herbs used in his practice. His vision is a melding of ecological sustainability and nature-based health care where our personal healing and our land stewardship are deeply intertwined.

Marco has been an active creator of new permaculture curriculum and pioneered the “Permaculture through the Seasons” course with Sandy Cruz and through the 9 month permaculture course planted seeds for a more robust permaculture community.  Marco created the permaculture curriculum for the Environmental Studies department at Naropa University in 2006 and stewarded the program there for 6 years to become the most popular class on campus. Marco is currently managing a 700 acre permaculture farm in Northern Colorado with his wife Jamie and grows citrus and figs in a 2800 sq ft climate battery greenhouse and helps mountain communities become more self-sufficient.  He is passionate and committed to teaching a new generation of earth stewards and healers to show up with their gifts and presence to help regenerate the relationship between people and the Earth.


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