Colorado Permaculture Guild

We bring together regional permaculture groups and individuals to create regenerative community & culture by providing education, networking, practical resources, and enthusiasm with the goal of growing awareness and use of Permaculture principles and ethics.

About Colorado Permaculture

We aim to be the go-to site for information on classes, workshops and all manner of gatherings with regards to our movement. Our newsletter, website, and blog invite authors to contribute.

It is our hope as we grow in size and voice, to develop politically in our communities as well. As we begin this journey of unification, we ask for your ideas and a share of your concerns.

In addition to gathering the varied Colorado Permaculturists in one cohesive listing, we are committed to keeping a registry of qualified presenters, instructors and mentors on hand to secure the highest standards. The design plan for your guild incorporates many facets of the growing Permaculture world.

Permaculture Teacher Training

The Colorado Permaculture Guild is hosting PDC Teacher Training Course in 2024; March 1-3, April 6-8 and May 3-5 on the Front Range. Please contact us to register, as space is limited. *This course is designed for Permaculture Design Course graduates who want to be in a supportive community as you grow into an effective teacher.

Permaculture Design Course


Permaculture is a design science that uses nature as a model for creating resilient human systems. These certification courses are a focused intensive in ecological design and practice, taught through a balance of hands-on activities, tours, demonstrations, and lectures.

Alongside the permaculture design framework, these courses introduce a wide array of subjects including water management, soil health, forest gardening, ecological livestock management, natural building, social permaculture, and more.

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