You Know You’re a Permie If…

raccoon – You’d rather have your hands in manure than sit in a cubicle all day (unlike most civilized people)

– The sight of a refrigerator box makes you quiver with excitement

– You routinely have to clean compost and leaves out of your pockets/hair/sink drain/vehicles/pet’s fur/etc etc etc

– You crack a joke about stacking in a meeting and wonder why nobody laughs

– A bucket shows up in the kitchen at the office with a note saying “please donate coffee grounds and tea bags” and everyone knows it’s yours

– You have to explain the difference between compost, recycling and trash every time you throw a party because guests forget what category dirty napkins fall into

– You actually appreciate the work the raccoons do turning your sheet mulch beds upside down looking for a quick meal

(mostly from personal experience!)